About Us

About Us

Neerway Projects Private Limited (NPPL) are an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certified leading EPC company and importer & Exporter of state-of-art technological water products in overseas market for advancement in water infra management. we have developed in-house resources with key competencies to deliver a project from conceptualization to completion that includes our design and engineering, manufacturing. Since the beginning, NEERWAY has produced and offered broadest range of water & irrigation products to industries, municipal water, farms, golf courses, commercial developments and homes globally. The NEERWAY range is market driven, where constant advancement in technology constrain us to develop new and improved products. We always serve our client advance technologies specifically suiting to projects’ and clients’ requirements effectively. Our experience & commitment is unparalleled in the industry in terms of quality, timely delivery & close monitoring of projects for the total satisfaction of our clients.

NEERWAY has an enviable record of project management experience and deep domain expertise in developing and pioneering technologies for integrated solutions in water and wastewater management. The company’s main motive is to provide cost effective and best treatment solutions to their customers. They provide their services to both domestic household and industrial & commercial organizations with prefabricated and ready to install packaged sewage treatment plants, custom designed and site erected units with eco-friendly concept. The Company is one of the most diversified one-stop solutions provider to both industrial and commercial segments, it helping customers to achieve better resource of productivity and maintaining a better environment by offering state–of–the–art technology solutions and products


Our sales and service network serves our PAN India spread of customers. Technical service support is a key component of our solutions bunch and our service network is the largest in the Indian water treatment industry. The company has solutions for ground water contamination i.e. iron, arsenic, fluoride, ammonia etc. for and helping to various supply water system in globally.

Total Water Management

We use our wide range of processes with an integrated approach to deliver total solutions for every market - household, institutional, commercial, industrial and public water supplies, urban and rural, in India and overseas. Comprehensive services such as O&M and BOO/T enable us to meet customer needs totally, offering end benefit conveniently and economically, with single source responsibility.

Total Waste Water Management

The company offers a wide range of projects, equipment, and innovative solutions based on advanced modern technologies to the building, township, hotel, hospital, food, dairy, beverages and chemical industries globally which meet requirement of pure drinking water, clean process water or waste water management, hence our engineering team is capable to serve better projects with combination of innovative & state of art products. Working as EPC Company, we have sound experience in taking full charge of process of plant construction. Our aim is to research and find innovative ways to treat your water and offer you an effective water management system that may address specific needs of individual customer, meeting required quality standards.

Landscape /Golf course Irrigation

Irrigation Projects are prime focused area, The Company provides total solutions to the customer right from engineering design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and management of the projects. Our expert team build & operate large projects of Green house, Micro irrigation, golf course irrigation, landscape and landscape irrigation projects with full skill managements
We do design, manufacture and install an examination greenhouse that fits client’s needs. We have an endless array of growing techniques developed by a team of scientists representing different field like Horticulture, vegetables, agronomy, entomology, physiology etc. Subsequently space is a usual constraint our greenhouses are simple and manageable in a space constraint conditions.

Services (Operation & Maintenance of Plants)

NEERWAY engineering team are working in many segments of water management for operations & maintenance to hotels, hospitals, malls, commercial buildings, IT parks, industries, large-scale infrastructure, etc. Our skilled staff and site backed up by strong technical support ensure optimum plant performance in economical and safer way.