Dosing Pump


Dosing Pump

NEERWAY dosing pump is a simple and reliable diaphragm metering pump which is operating at 230V 50 Hz supply. Design are based on mountable base. The range has been designed to provide a water and waste water treatment complete demands.

Product diaphragm is designed to ensure long life even of product performance. Our state of art electronic circuit is virtually unaffected by tem. EMI & other electric disturbances. All plastic housing is resistant to corrosive chemical agents, reliable operation.

Technical Specification

1 Electrical 230 v A.C. , 50 Hz
2 Suction tubing 6/8 mm
3 Discharge Tubing 6/8 mm
4 Dosing flow rate 0-6/0-10/0-15/0-20 LPH
5 Dosing Pressure 10/8/4/3 kg/cm2
6 Stokes/Minutes Max. 135, min:15
7 Fuse 600m Amp
8 Stokes Controller 0-100%
9 Pulse Controller 0-10%
10 Pump Head PP/PVDF/CFT/SS
11 Diaphragm PTFE
12 Connectors PP/PVDF/CFT/SS
13 NRB Ball Ceramic
14 Suction Tubing’s PP/PVDF/CFT/SS